By-Laws – Proposed Revised updated January 24, 2021

Constitution & By-Laws


Article I – Name

Section 1 – The name of the organization shall be Ebony Nurses Association of Tacoma (ENAOT).

Article II – Purpose

Section 1 – The purpose of this organization shall be to:

a) Improve health care within the Tacoma-Pierce County Metropolitan area by providing and promoting health and education.

b) Recruit African Americans into the Nursing field.

c) Provide scholarship support for African American nursing students.

d) Provide mentoring/support for African American nursing students.

e) Promote and support members’ professional development

Article III – Membership

Section 1 – The membership of ENAOT shall consist of Voting Members with dues paid for the current year.

Section 2 – The right to hold office in any capacity shall be open only to voting members.

Section 3 – The membership of the organization shall be on an annual basis and shall consist of any African American Registered nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse or Nursing Student.

Section 4 – An Affiliate member is a non-nursing individual who provides support to the organization. The dues will be $10 per year. This person will have a non-voting status.

Article IV – Dues

Section 1 – The dues of members shall be $50.00 ($5.50 per month, pro-rated) annually. Dues must be paid within the first quarter of the fiscal year for all members. Membership dues are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Section 2 – A voluntary donation of $5.00 annually paid within the first quarter will be requested from each member to support the Sunshine Committee Activities. Monies will be paid to the Petty Cash fund. EBONY NURSES ASSOCIATION OF TACOMA FOUNDED, SPRING 1971 CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF EBONY NURSES ASSOCIATION OF TACOMA

Article V – Meetings

Section 1 – The regular meeting of the organization shall be once monthly on the fourth Sunday, unless inconvenient for the Host/Hostess. Call meetings may be held when deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

Section 2 – During July – August, no meetings will be scheduled. However, the organization provides support for many on-going related programs. Members will be informed via email or other communication/social media systems.

Article VI – Officers and Duties

Section 1 – The officers of the organization shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Recording/Corresponding Secretary and Parliamentarian; and shall be voted in by secret ballot. They shall be elected by majority vote at the May meeting. They shall serve for two years or until their successors have been elected. They shall be sworn in at the June meeting and officially preside June 30th. Officers should not be absent for more than two consecutive meetings without communication to the organization. On the third absence of an officer, the issue will be referred to the Executive Committee.

Section 2 – The President

a) The President shall preside at meetings and delegate authority to all other Chairpersons of committees (or members).

b) The President of ENAOT shall maintain contact with other organizations to facilitate the purpose and accomplish the goals of ENAOT.

c) The President can be a member of all committees and in an ex-officio capacity.

Section 3 – Vice President

a) The Vice President shall cooperate with the President in promoting the purpose and general interests of the organization and shall perform other duties as assigned.


Section 4 – The Recording/Corresponding Secretary

a) The Recording/Corresponding Secretary shall record the minutes, do all filing and keep a record of all proceedings of the organization and any other duties pertaining to the office.

b) The Recording/Corresponding Secretary shall send minutes and notices of all meetings of the organization.

c) The Recording/Corresponding Secretary shall prepare and keep an updated listing of names and contact information of the members for distribution.

Section 5 – Financial Secretary

a) The Financial Secretary shall maintain records of dues and payments received. An itemized ledger of all financial transactions will be maintained; and a list of all dues paid will be kept.

b) Assist the Treasurer with the annual financial report.

Section 6 – The Treasurer

a) The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds; shall keep a regular accounting which shall be open to inspection by any member at any time, and shall give a written report of all transactions at each meeting of the organization.

b) The Treasurer will circulate the most recent bank statement at the monthly meeting of the organization.

c) The Treasurer in cooperation with the Financial Secretary shall prepare an annual (September-June) financial report. The report should be submitted at the last meeting of the year (June) with a copy given to each voting member.

d) An annual audit will be conducted before June 30th of the Treasurer’s records by a reputable accounting firm. The Treasurer shall submit any required financial forms.

e) All financial decisions must be agreed upon by a majority.

f) All financial transactions and checks will require the signature of two members, the Treasurer and one other officer. EBONY NURSES ASSOCIATION OF TACOMA FOUNDED, SPRING 1971 CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF EBONY NURSES ASSOCIATION OF TACOMA

Section 7 – The Parliamentarian

a) The Parliamentarian shall call the ruling of all motions that have been presented to the body, according to the revised Robert’s Rules of Order.

b) Revised Robert’s Rules of Order shall constitute the ruling authority of the meetings of the organization, in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws.

Section 8 – The Sunshine Representative

a) The Sunshine Representative shall send cards or plants to any member of ENAOT during special occasions, illness or sympathy.

Article VII – Fiscal Year

Section 1 – The fiscal year of the organization shall run September 1 through June 30.

Article VIII – Amendments

Section 1 – This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a simple majority of voting members assembled at any regular meeting of the organization, provided the members are notified of the proposed changes two weeks prior to the next regular meeting.

Article IX – Committees and Duties

Section 1 – Committee members shall be on a voluntary basis or appointed by the President. e Standing committees shall be Membership, Scholarship and Education, Nominating, Fundraising, Executive (consisting of President, Vice President, Recording/Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary and Treasurer), and Publicity and Public Relations.

Section 2 – Membership Committee

a) The Committee should attempt to recruit African American nurses in the area and inform them of the organization. It should also be responsible for retention of members. EBONY NURSES ASSOCIATION OF TACOMA FOUNDED, SPRING 1971 CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF EBONY NURSES ASSOCIATION OF TACOMA

Section 3 – Scholarship and Education Committee

a) The Committee shall set up and administer guidelines for scholarships

b) The Committee shall monitor the ENAOT website for applications.

c) The Committee shall review all applicants according to the organization’s scholarship criteria and prioritize a list for consideration. The Committee shall submit a list of applicants for consideration to the organization at a designated meeting.

d) The specific monetary award will be determined by the organization.

e) Selection of the recipient and amount of scholarship will be decided at a designated meeting.

f) The scholarship will be announced at a designated meeting. The recipient will be asked to attend the meeting to be recognized.

g) The scholarship will be awarded to applicants for an LPN Program for payment in the second half of the program. For applicants in an RN Program, the scholarship will be awarded in the final year.

Section 4 – Nominating Committee

a) The Committee shall be appointed at the March meeting, in the year of elections.

b) The Committee shall prepare a ballot suggesting names of the candidates at the May meeting for elected officers and committee persons for the organization.

Section 5 – Fundraising Committee

a) The Committee shall submit ways and means to implement programs and activities submitted to the organization for action.

b) The primary focus of the committee will be to present ideas to generate scholarship funds.

Section 6 – Executive Committee

a) The Committee shall be responsible for transaction of business of the organization in the interim of a regular meeting. EBONY NURSES ASSOCIATION OF TACOMA FOUNDED, SPRING 1971 CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF EBONY NURSES ASSOCIATION OF TACOMA

Section 7 – Publicity and Public Relations Committee

a) The Committee shall contact the news media and inform them of upcoming events and programs of the organization in a timely manner.

b) The Committee shall monitor social media outlets for inquiries and comments regarding ENAOT activities.

Article X – Audit / Financial Review

Section 1 – Financial Review and Statement

a) The accounts of the organization and the Treasurer shall be reviewed by an accountant or reputable firm at least once per year.

b) An annual financial statement based on the review shall be submitted by the Treasurer to the general membership at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Section 2 – Upon dissolution or liquidation of the organization, any such funds or other assets shall be turned over to an organization having the same or similar purposes and carrying on the same or similar activities.

Article XI – Incorporation

Section 1 – In order that it may avail itself of, and have the advantage emanating from corporate existence, the Ebony Nurses Association of Tacoma shall exist as an incorporated body.

Revised May, 2014